In recent years, we have seen the growing demand of young children with feeding difficulties but support for their parents/carers remains limited in Canberra.


We have gone through ups and downs with many amazing parents as we are partnering together in the feeding journey with our little people. Even with challenges, we truly hope that we can stay connected with parents/carers and gradually establish a Canberra-based Feeding Parent Support Group, where we can learn together and support each other in the feeding journey. 


In 2022, several online workshops will be offered to parents/carers. These online workshops are designed to provide parents/carers with practical strategies while they might be new to feeding therapy or still on the waiting lists. Please note that these workshops are not a replacement for ongoing feeding therapy. 



We are very excited to announce that our first online feeding workshop will be held on 2/4/2022. Please visit information from the section - 'Online Workshop for Parents' under the 'Services' tab.




Phone (612) 6278 3287



"Even with challenges, even with a feeding tube, anxiety, or sensory differences...finding peace and joy and connection at mealtimes is healing."


Dr. Katja Rowell (The Feeding Doctor, Author of 'Helping your Child with Extreme Picky Eating")