Karen is filled with great passion in supporting parents and their children (aged 0-5) who are presenting with early feeding difficulties. Some of the feeding difficulties that we work with include:
Parent's concerns/struggles
  • EVERY mealtime is a battle and is one of the most stressful times in the day.
  • My child is not gaining weight.
  • Parents run out of ideas for 'hiding' nutritious foods in the meals.
  • Parents feel extremely worried that the child is not eating enough.
  • Parents wonder why the child eats better at child care but not at home.

Child's feeding difficulties/struggles

    • difficulties with breastfeeding support and/or bottle feeding support 
    • sucking, swallowing and breathing difficulties during feeding
    • breathing difficulties during mealtimes
    • difficulties starting solids/puree, transitioning to lumps and/or finger foods
    • oral motor problems and chewing difficulties
    • fatigue easily during mealtimes
    • fussy eater (e.g. refusing to try new foods, the child prefers a particular food group (e.g. biscuits) and/or a particular texture (e.g. dry, crunchy foods)
    • discomfort/distress during mealtimes, stressful mealtimes (e.g. lots of crying)
    • poor weight gain
    • avoidance of social events that involve eating and drinking with others

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    "Children refuse for a reason. Always." 


    Cheri Fraker (Speech-Language Pathologist, feeding specialist, Author of 'Food Chaining')