Telehealth / Telepractice


In 2020, Karen Ip Speech and Feeding Clinic has started offering speech and feeding therapy services via telehealth (also known as telepractice) in response to the outbreak of COVID-19.


Speech Pathology Australia supports telehealth as a service delivery model. Telehealth can be very useful for clients and families who are not able to physically come to the clinic due to various reasons (e.g. lockdown). In 2021, we have been able to work with more families from regional New South Wales.



Telehealth can be challenging for young children but parent training can be very effective and hence may bring huge impact on the child's communication development. The Hanen Centre has converted all of the parent training programs to be 'telepractice-friendly', which enable clinicians like Karen to continue to deliver the Hanen Programs to parents and carers within the Canberra Region, or even anywhere in the world. 

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